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Binoculars FAQs

What type of Binoculars are best for Hunting?

What type of Binoculars are best for Bird Watching?

What steps can I take to maintain my Binoculars?

What is Binocular eye relief?

How do I focus my Binoculars properly?

What is the purpose of Binocular lens coatings?

Does the type of prism used in Binoculars make a difference?

What is the importance of a Binocular's field-of-view?

Does Binocular lens size make a difference?

Which Binoculars are best for me?

What is the best Binocular magnification for me?

What type of Binoculars are best for Sporting Events?

Magnifiers FAQs

How does Carson measure Magnification?

What are the advantages of Acrylic Magnifying lenses?

What is a Fresnel Magnifier?

What is a Linen Tester?

Is a Magnifier with the highest power the best for me?

What types of Magnifiers are best for Needlepoint?

What things should I consider when purchasing a Lighted Magnifier?

What are the advantages of Glass Magnifying lenses?

Outdoor Kids FAQs

What do I look for in Kid’s Binoculars?

My child is fascinated with bugs, any recommendations?

What is best for a Kid’s Magnifier?

Microscopes FAQs

What are pocket microscopes used for?

How does Carson list magnification for a digital microscope?

What is the resolution of the digital microscope?

My digital microscope doesn't reach the listed resolution on the product page, what can I do?

I need software for my digital microscope, where can I download?

Do the digital microscopes work with tablets or phones?

Reading Lights FAQs

Are all LED's created the same?

What features should I look for in a Reading Light?

Which should I buy, an LED or incandescent Reading Light?