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    Overall, if you want to take magnified pictures this is a great choice.
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    It’s a fun add-on that solves one of the main problems with the iPhone 5 and that is its inability to really take photos of objects from a far.
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    PROS: Very easy to set up and use. Produces great results. Very affordable.
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    These are fun and easy to use lenses to put on your iPhone 5 to take some super close up photos. I already have some great ideas on using it to take science pictures with my girls one day…think Science Projects.
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    As I get older my eye site seems to be getting worse and worse. One of the additional uses for the LensMag is to assist you in viewing smaller text. In my day job I’m often looking at and trying to read small serial numbers. I usually end up deferring
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    The LensMag slips onto your iPhone five very easily. It takes but a second. The LensMag is a fun tool for those a love macro photography like myself.
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    Overall the LensMag by Carson for the iPhone is simple, effective and so well priced that someone just wanting to play around or someone in need for some serious up close shots will be able to afford it without much thought.
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    Carson’s LensMag solves the problem of the absence of a powerful optical lens missing from the iPhone 5, and gives iPhone 5 photo jockeys the ability to take clear closeup photos up until now typically only shot using powerful macro lenses.
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    Carson Optical’s ML-515 LensMag Magnetic Lenses for iPhone 5 ($19) is a set of two lenses designed for macro shots, one with 10x magnification, and the other with 15x, plus a plastic travel box.
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    But the new LensMag additions from Carson are looking to solve that. It mounts on without the use of glue or anything else but magnets. Plus, they come in different magnifications (10x and 15x) and store away in a small case.
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    If you’re a pro iPhoneographer, or you’re looking to get into some more advanced mobile imaging, then the Lensmag ML-515 is a sure-fire place to start!
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    Carson Optical has released the ML-515 LensMag, a 2-pack of high powered magnet magnifiers for the Apple iPhone 5.
    These Lens and Screen Cleaners use a totally dry cleaning technology and contain a specially-formulated dry compound that is super fine carbon, essentially graphite. Graphite has long been known as an excellent cleaning and lubricating material. It is use
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    They are a “must have” if you own devices that utilize the touch of a finger to operate it. Don’t take a chance of getting a liquid cleaner into your device and ruining it, or risk scratching the screen with a cloth.
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    Carson now makes cleaners that are perfect for camera lenses, binoculars, smart phones, compact cameras, and whatever else you need to clean up those icky fingerprints with. I tried out one of the Carson Disposable Screen Cleaners on my phone and I was re
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    Our testers were most impressed with the microscope image of fruit slices which appear so simple to the naked eye but were so complex when viewed at 35X.
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    A really practical, must-have item, no matter what your visual needs…
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    Oh the fun CSI lovers could have with this with their children.
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